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We sell knives for professional and household use. Our knives include kitchen or table knives, cheese knives and steak knives. Manicure or pedicure scissors, hairdressing scissors and tailors’ scissors. We also have Asian knives, pocket knives and ceramic knives, such as the Kyoceraou Wasabie brands. We also have a large selection of hunting knives, Leathermann-brand tools and Opinel folding knives.


Shaving is an art that we supply with our lovely selection of blades and brushes. These are just a few examples of our very extensive selection. Our quality brands of scissors and knives include Henckels, Dreizack, Goldhamster, Shun, Laguiole and Victorinox. You will also find Peugeot-brand products.

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Our selection

Here is a selection of the high-quality products that you can see in our warehouse:


As well as our whetting/sharpening systems and manicure kits.


Please pay us a visit and rediscover the pleasure of being listened to and served according to your real needs.